Rain drapes everything
In a veil of wistful longing,
A yearning for something lost
Many moons ago,

About the same time
Solitude became more
Pleasing than company,
Silence, a friend, and conversation, a woe.

There’s nothing quite as soothing then
As a song on love and its follies,
Windows rolled down, the years fleeting
Amid arrows of melancholy,

“I’ll have a cup of tea,
Please. Brewed to a burn-
The skin of lovers put out to sea.”



Words of an ocean/ Song of a lover


I will keep coming at you,
Wave after wave after wave
Of love, sweet and

I do not seek
Anything in return,
But for you to soak
Your tired, parched feet
In my doting, cool blue,
Maybe give yourself whole,
If a world sans gravity
Appeals to you.

Beware, though,
An endless blue isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
Towering mountains have drowned
In an upset sea.

O lover of clear blue lakes,
Don’t venture into my waters;
You won’t like the fury of waves,
The storms that hover,
The roar of thunder all day.

O lover of a distant country,
Don’t feed me your flesh
For I will take your heart along.
Your tongue will remember my salt skin
Your soul, this rusty ocean song.

O lover of city lights
And crowded streets,
Don’t flirt with the thousand moons
On my splintered spine;
I hold a blackness inside
Darker than your darkest night.

O lover of small, lapping waves
Frothing on the shore,
Do not love me,
I will pull you in –
Into my airless depths.
The ocean is always full,
With a love you haven’t known;
The shore gets its fill
From the trickle that spills.

O lover of all things shallow,
When it’s time for you to go
Back to your tungsten city,
I shall caress your skin
One last time,
Maybe pull you in
For a goodbye sin;
With one final farewell wave,
Sweep you off your feet again.

And if you decide to leave
Parting presents await you
On my virgin shores.
Handle them with care,
For someone once called them