Here & Now


The one who loves more each day,

You know how we marvel at how we met and fell in love and that it all feels like an ingenious stroke of destiny?

I bleed for all the Mes and Yous in all those parallel universes out there where we did not walk into each other. I wonder how i’m putting myself to sleep and whom you’re telling all your little secrets to. I wonder whom we’re coming back home to right now. I wonder if i made it through today without screaming at a wall and if you remembered to wear your smile to work. I wonder if i ate today, without your repeated reminders; if something made you laugh so hard that your eyes teared up;┬áif someone told you a million times in the day that you were beautiful, and loved very much; if someone told me they were proud of me…

Then i notice your big worrying eyes reading my face from across the room. And just like that, nothing matters. Nothing but today, here and now.

– Your daydreamer