Where Forevers Begin


I seem to have lost my words;

They left in the middle of the night-

The day I forgot to swallow my blues,

A mouthful of addiction, memories on flight.


I seem to have lost my blues;

They left on a train of thought

While I was willfully drowning

In a fight I had never fought:


The light of your caramel mornings

Seeping into a world forgot.


~ Sumeet Keswani


Is it just me?


Tell me…
Do you ever wake up at night
Sweating over reality,
Beads of a reluctant memory
Trickling down nostalgic cheeks,
Where love once birthed red?
Does your skin remember that misty February?
…Or is it just me?

Tell me…
Do your walls whisper
Conversations we conjured
(And those we couldn’t)
Under the starry veil
Of your silent, white,
Missing winter?

Tell me…
Do words evade your tongue
When i invade a thought?
Does our endless story demand of you
The same answers
I once sought?

Tell me, my dear…
Do i haunt you
The way you haunt me?
.. On endless nights
.. On lonely trains
.. In a paper plane’s flight
.. In a stranger’s face
.. On the break of dawn
.. In a lover’s embrace
.. On melancholic monsoon days
.. In scavenged poetry
.. On saved texts
From a ghost of a memory.

Or is it just me?

Where the truth goes to die


Bury your dreams
Beneath half measures
And excuses:
‘It’s too late’…‘I’m too old’…
Cloak your melancholy now
In robes of sunshine
Forged with gold.

Shred your fantasies
To bits, watch them
Scatter by
Clumsy, craggy feet,
Worn out by journeys
To impulsive lands,
Where the truth goes
To die.

Don’t you just love to whine?
Sulk, sulk, sulk;
Suckle at the breasts of your mis-
fortune, manufactured
In dark rooms and
On typewriters weary
Of deceit.

– Sumeet Keswani