A hint of Thunderstorms


When did they take it from you?
Tell you you were (worth) nothing
But a correction, and corners
In a pompous house
Full of followers.

You’re obviously bitter,
You never got over
Words of a critic,
Rigid, oblivious of your shimmer;
Buried your fragile, glowing wick
Beneath the ordinary,
The din of everyday glamour.

Did you know you’re them now?
Passing on the toxin
Of conformity, asking us to bow
To what they call normal,
To what we fight,
Rebel with audacious revel,
With all our fucking might.

When they robbed you of you,
Were they as mean as you (are)?
Did they push you
To the last limit until you caved,
Swallowed the salt water,
And grew gills that saved?

My lungs will scream in silence
One last time
But you won’t see me drink
Your waters to blend.
I’m the sky, you can’t quite sink,
With a hint of thunderstorms.

One thought on “A hint of Thunderstorms

  1. Really good..I am slowly becoming part of an older generation and I find myself doing and saying things that I vowed would never say when I was younger! I am surprised and appalled at myself but then again everyday life takes over in the insidious way only it can do. Thank you for the wake up call!

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