Trails Unexplored


We’re trying so hard, all the time,

To be different – each one of us,

We’ve forgotten

All that we bear in common,

How beautiful we look

As one.


We’ve launched so many satellites

To find our way for us,

We have lost the art

Of getting wonderfully lost

On trails unexplored.


We’re so busy seeking

Likes, shares, comments; Mass approval

Of each rhyme, picture & experience

In a virtual world,

We’ve forgotten the grace

Of brutal honesty,

Of kindness never spoken of,

Of adventures lived, not captured.


We’ve loved and lost,

Loved and lost, loved and lost…

So many times over,

We no longer embark on a story

Believing in a forever.


We are so busy saving time,

All the time –

Faster processors, shorter routes, more MBs per sec,

We forget to live

The moments we save.


We’ve put on so many layers

To shield us from harm,

We fail to feel

The tickle of cold wet grass

On bare spine;

Love bites of a scorching sun

On tender skin;

Tides of ocean salt,

Dissolved in a crescent moon’s light;

The joy of roaring thunder,

The melancholic taste of first rain;

The rhythm of life

Under fragile skin.

5 thoughts on “Forgotten

    • Thank you for those kind words. The choice of words was mindfully simple in this post. After all, brutal honesty doesn’t demand verbosity or grand words. Lately, i’ve been disillusioned with big words and misleading metaphors.


  1. you seem to be writing/taking words out of my mouth/mind…we have all changed into a generation of people who spend all their precious time together, taking pictures for facebook or instagram, we do so much in the real world to feed the virtual world.


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