5 thoughts on “Stardust

  1. This is simply grand. Its awe inspiring how such few words could deliver something so powerful. Both the emotion and expression are completely soaked in and have reflected the energy in brilliant hues. I think its time you start considering copyright. 🙂 I am saving this anyway. 🙂
    Also, its good to see you writing so often. It offers a very welcome change to my usually morbid email account. 😀


    • 🙂 thank you! I guess I’m venting more often these days. Some emotions insist on being expressed and i find myself writing with feverish hands in the dead of night.
      I’m glad it serves some small purpose, even if it’s to find a bright spot in a ‘morbid email account’. 😀 Feel free to save and share the image.
      The copyright is implicit in the name on the image. 🙂


  2. I am an intensely solitary person who doesn’t talk on the phone more than once in a month, doesn’t log in to facebook, doesn’t chat and on top of that lives in the most secluded part of a city, A city where I know nobody. My seclusion is almost perfect and at most times I tend to cherish my solitude. But then, at moments, this solitude metamorphoses into deafening loneliness. Even at such times I don’t find myself reaching out to the world very often. Reading and writing are generally my sole refuge and my email account is more often than not my only source of communication. There are only three people whose words I follow on the net. One is a wanderer, one is a blasphemous aesthete and one is a Sufi. All of them are extraordinary writers and also very moody with their posts. 🙂
    It may seem to you a small thing that your posts are a bright spot on my morbid email account, but if you were to put yourself in my worn out shoes and walk a solitary mile, you’d realize its not that small after all. 🙂
    As for words that tumble out of feverish hands in the dead of the night are the truest words of the soul. They must be cherished for they hold a mirror to ourselves. 🙂
    Keep Writing

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    • Your solitude feels beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Thank you for letting me into that world. I understand your need to be alone at times, and you are under no compulsion to socialize. But sometimes, opening yourself to the world opens windows, brings new meanings in with the breeze. Solitude can be as constraining in experiences as it can be liberating for the thought, according to my humble experience at least. Consider walking out of your self-exile for a bit? There are strangers out there who might strike a chord with your silences.

      I’m honestly overwhelmed by the significance a wanderer’s chaotic words assume in your life. Flattered even. We often underestimate our worth to the world, like I my whimsical moody posts, apparently, and you sharing your thoughts with another. It has the power to change lives- communication. I shall keep writing. To vent and to keep you company in that silent room.
      Keep writing and reading, and do consider venturing out for some air. Much love and light to you 🙂


      • My window was always open, but then the breeze turned into a tempest and brought with it shards that almost bled me to an emotional coma. It are closed for good now. I will open it again certainly. But only when I heal enough, when the storm outside dies down and it rains liberally enough to wash my fears away. And as we know, this has been an El Nino year.. 🙂
        I shall pay heed to your advice. You are right. Solitude is very constraining in experiences. It will take a while of course, but it will happen eventually. Thank you. 🙂


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