Moments, worthy of erratic heartbeats once,
Lie scattered on my floor,
Shards of shattered glass. Dipped in red.
Moments, that took my breath away, and yours perhaps,
Preserved for a future that didn’t come to be,
Make up a graveyard of love stories.
Silent screams fill the void inside,
Get drowned by whispers of memories.
Red was the hue of the skies then, the colour of love.
Red fills my room today, the colour of pain.

Photographs that once stopped time in its stride
Now revive the dead. Empty frames.
Do they rouse you on dark nights too?
Candles, witness to first love,
Refuse to light up the dark tonight.
Do silhouettes visit your walls too?
Sketches of us you once drew,
Are lifeless in their paper coffins now.
Do your strokes remember my texture still?
Flowers, that once lit up your face,
Now reek of promises not kept.
Does my scent linger on in your hair?
Songs we sung out of love, and tune,
Crawl out of the radio sometimes,
Do you sing along, or muffle our melodies?
Words, filled with meanings then,
Taste like blood in the mouth.
Do you savour it? Or spit it out?

Unrestrained love, a promise of forever,
Each one a love story like no other,
Now a corpse in my living room.
My house is full now. Did you bury them
In the backyards of your new homes?
Or do they fill your closets too?
Tumbling out of secret spaces often.
Grim reminders of a beautiful past. Us.
Dead. But not quite.

I gave you each a piece of me,
A part of my soul never returned.
Preserve them, for that’s all that remains
When i’m gone, stitch them together,
Or keep me a piece each,
I shall live on with you. But not quite.

11 thoughts on “Red

  1. We have come too far to return, we are wounded to deep to heal. Its brutal but beautiful. The imagery is very vivid and striking. And of course something that I deeply identify with.


      • I have immense respect for the fact that you had the courage to put it down..I haven’t been able to bring myself to that.. you never chose to dazzle anyone with your wordplay..what I love most about this poem is how very simply it is put and how strikingly honest it is. There was a lump in my throat while I read this. Yes it did help me heal..just to know someone else has gathered up the courage to.
        I shall live on with you. But not quite.
        When was it ever said better..

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  2. I was not prepared for this…
    This one ripped my heart out of my chest, wrung it out until the last drop of blood dripped and shred it to pieces all over again…
    It echoed feelings that I thought I had buried deep down and forgotten about and some that I never even acknowledged…
    how does this help you heal? Does a time come when it stops hurting or do you simply get used to living with the hurt? And how do you still keep your faith?
    Letting it go or commiserating have not been working for me… only survival mode by re-directing focus… And I thought I had it together until I read this!

    It’s beautiful though… as are your other poems.. I guess that’s their beauty.. they strike a chord with your readers..


    • I would be lying if I said this helps me heal. It helps me acknowledge my hurt. I guess that’s just the first step to healing. Time helps subdue the despair. But I guess it truly abates when someone comes in and holds you when you’re curled up on the floor, hugging your void.
      Love heals. And brings back faith. Time’s just a catalyst. Until that happens, use your vents. Writing’s mine.
      Thank you for your kind words. Do follow the blog to get updates on new posts. 🙂


      • Thanks for an honest reply! You know I acknowledge it.. that’s the first thing I do! And I’ve been venting but I realized I was re-living it every single time, so I just stopped and thankfully have other important things to focus on in life right now.. so that helps.. ‘Aur bhi gham hai zamaane mein mohabbat ke siwa…’ 🙂
        And about someone else coming in.. you know I was a complete believer in the romanticized version of finding someone who completes you, or rescues you .. but not so much anymore..
        I’ve been following your blog for a while now since one of my friends shared your blog posts on Facebook ‘Dear women, all men aren’t assholes’ – It was a good one and although I wouldn’t generalize like the women you’re talking about in that post, I am yet to come across the breed of men who you say exist 🙂 I’d like to be hopeful though!


      • Mmm, I really like this line: Love heals. And brings back faith. Time’s just a catalyst. Until that happens, use your vents. Writing’s mine.


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  3. I like the imagery of songs crawling out of the radio, and of this:
    “Words, filled with meanings then,
    Taste like blood in the mouth.
    Do you savour it? Or spit it out?”
    (Easy to relate to.)

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