Winter Rain

It was cold, the fog unrelenting in its haze.
Alone in my ways, i feared i would be my own bane.
The roads twisted and turned, entangled into a maze,
Then, along came you, my sweet winter rain.

Unannounced, unprepared, you came down on me,
Of course i ran for shade; ‘twas all in vain.
It took my flailing heart no time to see –
You’re my very own winter rain.

Tore my fear to shreds, knocked down my locked door,
Your storm made my heart reign again.
With two left feet, i danced to the rhythm of your downpour.
Baby, you’re my life’s song, my first winter rain.

Now that i’m drenched by a dream so clear, so true,
I’ll wait for you to see the same.
Let me be your rainbow, your colours purple and blue,
Let me take away your pain, my lucid winter rain.

7 thoughts on “Winter Rain

  1. There’s something very sublime about winter rains.. The storm outside always calms down the storm within. (I am speaking for myself here.. 🙂 )..Like an unseen presence, but felt profoundly. Here you are addressing a person as winter rains I believe..Beautiful analogy if it is so..Also if it is meant to be a personification. Who cares about the pains of the rain. Glad that you do. 🙂


    • Rains are magical. And winter rains seem to defy every rule, much like love does. Yes, this was an analogy, one that i had made in a past winter. Some poems become painful memories, blood stains on a diary. This is one of them. My storm passed on as quickly as it arrived, fickle as a rain cloud.. the memory remains.


      • Blood stains on a diary..The memory of a painful wound is sometimes as painful. I know how it feels. They say its better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all..but I don’t think I can agree. You are never the same again. And once you go back to your cage locking yourself in and throwing the key away. Love is an emotion that can damage as much as it can heal. Then you realize that you grow best in the care of your abandoned sunlight.
        But I am still glad you shared it..facing our demons is the best way to overcome them. bloodstain in my diary..


      • You have a beautiful soul. You know what pain feels like, what it’s like to immerse yourself in sorrow, and come up with words to keep you afloat in the madness. Keep writing.
        And, i just wrote something to put my pain together, present it as art to be consumed. Next blog post perhaps. Sometimes, we suffer so we can join others in suffering, echo their thoughts, give them words to lean on. Inadequate, but words nonetheless.

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  2. I’ll be looking forward to your next blog post them..Words may be inadequate,and they convey only a drop of the sea within but they can really work miracles for those who believe in put yourself and your vulnerabilities and scars for all to see requires a lot of fortitude. We heal ourselves and turn our grey a shade lighter when we help heal another soul. To see a part of ourselves in someone else, to recognize the same emotions and to see them picking up the pieces and moving on is a great reassurance, encouragement and inspiration. Sincerely grateful..


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