Fall of a hero

A hero falls

Born out of hope, they’re called many names:

Heroes, guardian angels, the chosen ones – to each his own.

Hidden in plain sight, until your world is up in flames,

All flesh and bone, they’re armed only with courage – to stand alone.


To tread the tougher terrain, to not look away,

In an ungrateful world blinded by itself so often –

Each of them makes a choice every day;

Until a day comes when he’s on his knees, fallen, broken.


His cape weighs him down, his armour suffocates;

The world tends to forget – a hero, too, can lose his way.

A mask does not suffice when the scars go beyond the face,

He who saves may need some saving on a rainy day.


He may fight the most brutal wars, and win,

But he knows too well the chinks in his wall;

That the most scarring are the battles within –

Some he wins; some, he just hopes to survive the fall.

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